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March 31, 2016

Hot-Cold Therapy

Hi, Erin here!

I’m excited to share this massage upgrade with you! It’s incredibly effective at increasing circulation in an area of stubborn tension. Increased circulation can reduce the tension itself as well as decreasing pain both during and after the massage. It’s a powerful therapy that penetrates deep into the muscles and tissues, without having to use a lot of pressure.

It’s called Hot-Cold Therapy, and here’s how it works:

When you come in for your session (and you can add on Hot-Cold Therapy to your appointment when you schedule it), you let me know what area of chronic muscle tension and pain you’d like me to focus on. The most common areas are the upper back & neck, and the lower back.
I save your focus area for last in the massage sequence. I spend a little time working the area as I normally do.
Then, I apply alternating cold and hot damp compresses to the area. The first couple of transitions from hot to cold may be a little jarring, but it is effective. By alternating between hot and cold compresses, blood flow to the area increases dramatically, which helps to loosen tight muscles and reduce pain.


After I apply the final cold compress, I will massage China-Gel into the area. I’ve tried a few different topical pain relievers, and I like China-Gel the best overall, especially in conjunction with this therapy.
As I work the China-Gel into the area, you’ll notice a pleasant cooling, tingling sensation. This helps to further relieve your tension and pain, allowing me to work deeper into the muscles and tissues without causing trauma to the area. This in turn helps the work last longer, and can even help resolve tension and pain that had been troubling you for years — especially if it’s due to an old injury, or if the pain has been so severe that you’re “compensating” in your posture.

I always want to work within your comfort level, and with your best interests in mind. Most people can receive benefits from Hot-Cold Therapy, but there are a few circumstances where I won’t add it to your session:

Add Hot-Cold Therapy to your next massage, and see the difference it makes to your stubborn tension.

-Erin, at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness

(As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this, or any other therapy I offer.)

(image courtesy of ABMP)

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