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This page contains a list of all the posts on the blog. Each contains information about the services available at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness, massage in general, and information that you might find interesting or useful, related to massage and wellness.

General information about our services:

The Wellness Adventure Club: Learn how to become a Wellness Adventurer and get discounts on your massages as well as exclusive content.

Your First Massage Appointment: An FAQ of the common concerns first-time clients have getting massage, or getting massage at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness.

Products and massage Power-Ups:

About Our Products:¬†About the lotions, creams, and other products we use, and why we prefer them over others we’ve tried.

Hot-Cold Therapy: An overview of our most popular massage Power-Up.

Hot Stone Massage: All about hot stone massage (and why you shouldn’t trust stock photography).

Seasonal Power-Up: Warm Deep Breath Aromatherapy: A brief overview of the Seasonal Power-Up for Autumn of 2017.

Series on the different aspects of wellness (currently ongoing):

What Is Wellness, Anyway?: An introduction to the topics we’ll cover in this series on wellness.

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