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April 28, 2017

About Our Products

Hi, Erin here.

I’ve gotten a few questions about the products that I use at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness, so I figured I would go over them briefly here.

The lotion and cream I use during massage sessions is made by a company called Sacred Earth. I like them for a few different reasons.

Sacred Earth’s massage lotion and massage cream are certified vegan, meaning there are no ingredients derived from an animal source, nor was any part of the product tested on animals. Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness is about helping ease pain and suffering, so this was a no-brainer.

A lot of vegan products on the market leave a strange residues or odors on the skin, but these don’t. Also, they won’t mess up your hairstyle even if a little goes past your hairline. I can’t promise that your hairstyle will remain pristine throughout the massage, but at least the lotion or cream won’t be the culprit.

These are also really great with sensitive skin. For myself and every client I’ve used Sacred Earth products on, neither the lotion nor the cream has caused any irritation. In fact, my observation is that inflamed skin “calms down” a bit with these products. Again, that’s my observation, not any sort of promise. Your skin may be different, but these are the only products I’ve tried that haven’t been irritating for anyone that I’ve worked with, at least to my knowledge.

For my Hot-Cold Therapy, I use a product called China-Gel. It is the most effective topical analgesic on the market that I have tried (though I haven’t tried them all).

It’s not an “all-natural” product by any means (very few, if any, topical analgesics can make that claim). That said, I still prefer it to others on the market for its texture both while I’m working with it and after the session is over. It doesn’t leave an oily or sticky “gel” residue, and it relieves pain in an area without numbing too much.

While China-Gel is not certified vegan (and information about whether its ingredients are animal-derived has proven difficult to find), it is certified as not being tested on animals, which I feel is good enough for now. I am still searching for a truly vegan-friendly option that is comparable in workable texture and function.

All the equipment (hot stones, etc.), linens, and lotion/cream holsters at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness are thoroughly washed with vegan-friendly, dye-free, fragrance-free soaps and detergents.

All the products used at Riverside Serenity Massage & Wellness are chosen with care, to bring you back into harmony with yourself, and to help make our world a better place.

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