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October 3, 2017

Warm Deep Breath Aromatherapy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the season of Autumn corresponds strongest to the breath and increased cold winds. The Seasonal Power-Up for Autumn of 2017 is an aromatherapy blend customized specifically for the concerns of the season: Warm Deep Breath.

With this custom blend of essential oils of Cinnamon Leaf, Lavender, Myrrh, and Sweet Orange, you can feel comforted, relaxed, and healed. All of these essential oils have been documented to help make breathing easier, which is important during the wild temperature fluctuations of the season. In addition, these oils may help to promote relaxation and calm the mind. The combination of warming and cooling oils helps to soothe you during the fluctuating temperatures so common to the Autumn season.

It’s available as an addition to the massage cream or lotion used during your massage session, so you receive the benefits directly through your skin and through the scent throughout the entire massage.

This Power-Up is available for $24, but, as the Seasonal Power-Up, it’s available to members of the Wellness Adventure Club at $12.

Enjoy Warm Deep Breath Aromatherapy at your next massage. Click here to schedule.

Pregnant and breastfeeding clients: select this Power-Up and the Prenatal Massage Power-Up when scheduling your appointment to try the modified version of Warm Deep Breath Aromatherapy formulated specifically for your needs, using only the oils of lavender and orange.

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